Democratic Interest Groups are Missing the Point

Today’s Washington Post is reporting on a significant media buy made by a traditionally Democratic interest group, NARAL Pro-Choice America. According to the Post NARAL plans on running an ad attacking Supreme Court nominee John Roberts for allegedly “siding with violent extremists and a convicted clinic bomber while serving in the solicitor general’s office.” The organization claims that Roberts, by filing a friend of the court brief in support of Operation Rescue in a 1993 case over “whether a 19th-century anti-Ku Klux Klan statute could be used to shut down blockades of health clinics by abortion protesters,” in effect supported the violent acts committed by Operation Rescue such as the killing of abortion doctors and clinic bombings.

From a purist perspective I can see how NARAL might infer that Roberts’ support of Operation Rescue in this case equals his support of their violent actions, particularly because if you recall this was a time when violence against abortion clinics was in escalation – culminating in the 1996 bombings by Eric Rudolph of an Atlanta gay night club, abortion clinic and the Olympics Games. This issue is a part of Roberts’ history and something that should certainly be looked at during his confirmation hearings, if only to get him on the record explaining why he did what he did. On the other hand though, I question the logic of this media buy and the tactics employed by NARAL.

I would like to point something out at this point, NARAL as well as several other traditionally Democratic interest groups are fighting the wrong battles in my opinion. They have taken an approach to politics that is self defeating by spending all of their time and money attacking the right instead of spending it supporting the left. Case in point, in the upcoming U.S. Senate race for the seat of wing-nut Rick Santorum in PA NARAL has yet to endorse the only candidate that is aligned with their beliefs, Chuck Pennacchio. This group is a one trick pony, their ONLY issue is support of the right to choose yet they seem willing to compromise that position in hopes of trading favors with Bob Casey Jr. My question is what kind of favors does a pro life Democrat have to trade with a pro choice organization?

This case is a perfect example of why the Democrats will not win a damned thing until they get their act together. It should be obvious to anyone in their right mind that NARAL must put all their energy and funds only behind candidates that support their one and only position. Look at it this way, does anyone believe for one minute that the Christian Coalition would choose to support, in primary between a pro choice and pro life Republican , the pro choice Republican? Hell no they would not because it is so against their self interests it would be asinine. I have a message to all those organizations on the left that are thinking about supporting candidates like Bob Casey Jr., do so at your own peril and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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