DU Goes Mainstream

I am thoroughly tired of arguing with people over whether or not the strategy Chuck Schumer and DSCC have employed is equivalent to squashing primaries. Either you recognize what is going on or you don’t, what can I say. This will not stop those of us who give a damn from supporting candidates we believe in so whatever right?

I do want to point out one thing though, while these two posts (Democratic Politburo Makes a Decree – No Primaries!, No Primaries? Follow-up) generated much discussion in several places, no where was the debate as heated as in this thread at Democratic Underground. Unfortunately the moderators over there must be gun shy from all the comparisons between the DU and Freepers because after 81 comments they decided to shut the thread down with the following note.

“Locking – Misrepresentative and inflammatory subject line.”

In Pittsburgh we’ve got a title for people like this…JAGOFF.

Maybe I should have used a headline like:

“Democratic Party Leadership Makes it Very Difficult for Anyone Other Than Their Chosen Candidate to Mount a Serious Campaign”

Feel the sizzle…

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