Pathetic Response to Cindy Sheehan

It has taken surprisingly long for the Bush-apologists to mount a response to Cindy Sheehan but that day has finally come. This response, which comes from the extreme right wing organization Move America Forward and it’s co-chairman Melanie Morgan, sadly could not find a grieving gold-star mom in support of the war so instead they decided to thrust the mother of a soldier currently serving in Iraq, Deborah Johns, to the forefront as their new spokesperson. Check out the ad they are running in an effort to manufacture support for an anti-Sheehan rally in Crawford this Saturday (transcript below).

My son William has proudly served his country in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
I’m Deborah Johns and I’m here to tell you that military families support our troops and their mission, in spite of what people like Cindy Sheehan say.
Cindy Sheehan Certainly doesn’t speak for me or military families, or our men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Now, you have the opportunity to show she doesn’t speak for you either by joining us for a pro-troop rally in Crawford, Texas.

I’m Melanie Morgan, chairman of Move America Forward.
Join Move America Forward and Deborah Johns (sweeping car show model hand motion toward Johns) and Marine moms in Crawford, Texas this Saturday August 27th for a patriotic rally supporting our troops and their mission.
Let’s show the terrorists that we won’t let people like Cindy Sheehan undermine our Nation’s resolve to win the war on terror.
Log on to for more information.

And we’ll see you Saturday August 27th in Crawford, Texas.

{sarcasm to follow}
Yea! Let’s make sure to tell those America-hating-Michael Moore-MoveOn-liberal-terrorists like Cindy Sheehan and her stupid Eagle Scout-honor-student-dead son they don’t speak for people like us – people who have yet to lose a child in this war or have gone through the pain of losing one to Child Protective Services due to a rampant gambling addiction – by giving them the Swift-Boating they deserve. Oh, and while we’re at it let’s not forget to tell these people how much they hate America as well.

“Casey, I understand what it is serve in the uniform. I’ve been with you for over 19 years. Some before you joined and some during and now after. My utmost respect to you and thank you for believing in something more than just yourself. I hope that your service will honor us all and I hope that your loved ones will realize that your sacrifice was never in vain. We serve to protect, and to answer the call. I thank you for answering that call.
Very respectfully,
Petty Officer 1st Class Stafford, USN”
PN1(AW) Stafford of Dallas Tx

“Cindy Sheehan; As an Army Staff Sergeant and an American citizen, I would like to say “THANK YOU”.”
SSG Jeffrey Peskoff of Fort Carson, Colorado

“I read the poem that Carly wrote that is posted on and was very touched.
It is through our sharing of these things that the memory of our loved ones live on.
My heart goes out to you.”
Connie-Girlfriend of Sgt Craig Frank KIA 7/17/04 Iraq of Michigan

“My best to Casey’s family. It is my prayer that God is able to help you through this time. Please see my open letter to Casey’s mom at
SFC CJ Grisham of Fort Irwin, CA

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