The Indomitable Spirit of Progress

As the very waters that have infused the splendid city of New Orleans with so much life throughout her storied history now threaten her very existence, I am reminded of another great American city that was utterly devastated nearly a century ago, not by water but by fire.

On April 18, 1906, San Francisco, as much the jewel of the Pacific Coast as New Orleans has been of the Gulf Coast, quaked and crashed and burned to the ground.

“It was the death of the old city.”

And the re-birth of the new.

Like Chicago before her, San Francisco arose from the ashes an arguably grander and more vibrant city than before.

During these days when we are inundated by images from Louisiana, Mississippi, and beyond that threaten to drown us in depression, let us grieve and pray but also have hope and faith — faith in the indomitable spirit of progress that wells up within every human mind and soul.

We “progressives” recognize and cherish and nurture the potential within every individual, community, and nation to advance.

Even if the obstacles sometimes seem insurmountable.

Help however you can (Note also the many resources posted by Mike, above).

Doug Drenkow

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