Biblical prophecies from the "right"

Nothing more pleasurable than sharing the profound comments of my Republican colleagues. So here goes… Apparently, these increasingly torrential natural disasters are the result of the “end” nearing. Yes, you heard it here first! God is wiping out people all over the globe in preparation for human salvation. It makes sense too. Isn’t it easier to empty a building’s major contents before it’s demolished? This strategy will save God lots of additional blood shed. And since we’re all sinners, we deserve it…

These same Republicans were on a massive campaign in blaming the Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans for the devastating human tragedies after Hurricane Katrina. Oddly enough, the disastrous evacuation in Texas is in no way related to the execution of Governor Rick Perry’s evacuation plan. This is different. Why? Because it’s Texas and Perry is Republican! After all – the Lone Star state is home of the Bush royalty.

Last evening’s horrible tragedy of a bus explosion and thousands upon thousands (still) stranded on Texas highways proves one thing. None of our government entities have a solid execution plan for disaster. Easier said than done.

Ahhhh well…back to our daily dose of war and catastrophes. (Remember the good ole’ Clinton days when all we had to worry about were cigars and stained dresses?) Thank God the end is near…

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