Hurricane Katrina investigation doomed!

So…the Senate just killed a bill by Hillary Clinton asking for an independent commission to study the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina. (Or shall we say lack of response.) One must truly admire the Republicans. Let’s see if this is accurate: It’s okay to independently investigate “severe” matters of concern ONLY when a Democrat is in the White House. And apparently, a president getting a hummer takes precedence over a catastrophic event ruining many American lives. In the same vein, it’s also okay to solicit Judge Roberts opinion on case rulings considering property rights and hear his answers. However, hearing his opinion is not judicially prudent on the issues of abortion and the right to privacy. There is irony in the fact that we are fighting for others to have democratic governments. Meanwhile, our nation is being hijacked by a self-righteous mob intent on shredding what’s left of our democracy…

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