Internet Challenge – Help Chuck Raise $20,000

Yesterday the Pennacchio campaign launched a new fundraising effort with the goal of pulling in $20,000 by the end of September solely via internet donations. As of this posting they have already raised $1,720! If we can keep up that pace they will hit their target in 11 days! As you know, Chuck does not take PAC money so it is crucial that each and every one of you help out. If you run a blog, please consider posting the hosting this graphic (below), if not, click on the graphic and donate as much as you can. By donating you are sending a clear message that you support letting the people of Pennsylvania choose who will run against Rick Santorum in 2006.

Bloggers, copy the following code to post this graphic to your site.

One Response to “Internet Challenge – Help Chuck Raise $20,000”

  1. FeentEnuttot says:

    How they live? Do you think they raise any unregistered than we do?

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