Miserable failure?

Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of enjoying a cup of TCBY yogurt on a beautiful sunny day, while sitting on the patio of a strip mall. Three young ladies pulled up and were on their way in to the yogurt store when I overheard one of them say, “If you Google ‘miserable failure‘ George Bush appears.” They went on and were soon out of my site. Admittedly, I chuckled to myself thinking the young girl’s statement was an expression of her frustration with the President, more than the possibility of it being factual.

Later, after hours of being completely saturated with the ever increasing bleak and daunting news for the day, I escaped to the more reliable internet for information. Testing the theory of the young lady near the ice cream place, I entered the words ‘miserable failure’ into the Google home page. Sure enough, the first hit turned out to be “The Biography of George W. Bush.” In fact, most of the results focused on the Keebler Elf himself, President George W. Bush! Our fearless leader who’s primary concern at a recent meeting of world leaders was his potty break! How will history judge this time period? It almost seems surreal…

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