Nations Line Up to Donate Support

Contrary to some of the rumors floating around, it would appear that the many nations which have lined up to offer aid to the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts were not turned away. At the worst it would seem that the confusion surrounding the relief efforts have caused some of this aid to get locked up in red tape.

Since Saturday, a Swedish transport plane carrying equipment for water purification and three cellular networks has been sitting on the tarmac at an airport in western Sweden awaiting U.S. flight clearance, Claes Thorson, press counselor at the Swedish Embassy in Washington, said Wednesday.

Despite State Department assurances that foreign aid was welcome, officials in Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Norway, India and South Korea told the Associated Press they were waiting to hear when and where some donations could be sent.

What everyone needs to remember here is that the situation on the ground in the Gulf is extremely volatile, with rescuers focusing on finding any survivors and getting them to safety. To be honest, I heard someone on the radio yesterday claiming that all offers of foreign aid have been turned away by the Bush administration. While I can not confirm whether this was ever true, it is obviously not true now. I am sorry, but there are plenty of things that deserve serious scrutiny and criticism when it comes to the response to Katrina but apparently this is not one of them. So, in an effort to clear things up a bit here is a list of what nations have offered in the way of support culled from today’s USA Today.

Who’s giving – and what

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