Open letter to Judge Roberts

Dear Judge Roberts,

We appreciate your comment that judges are not “elected” and therefore not obligated to share opinions on judicial cases. However, we do live in a democracy and that means we are governed by respresentation. Sadly so, we elected the folks that are close to handing you the Chief Justice position of our Supreme Court. And we elected those congressional members because of their views on our government’s role and subsequently the meaning of our constitution. Surely those who nominated you did so because of some of your views which you most likely shared with them privately. After all, we don’t have much to go on looking at your judicial record. With that in mind, we all know that conservatives like to claim that the consitution should not be “interpreted” because it is what it is. To spin it differently, you call this being a strict constructionist.

We understand that you are nobley bound as an “unelected” judge, (elected by our elected representatives,) to avoid questions about your judicial views. However, perhaps you can shed light on how a human being could possibly rule on the constitution without the method of interpretation itself? If the constitution were clear in its intent, why would we need any of you guys? Would you not be out of work? Please tell us how a strict constructionist miraculously refrains from using their own personal interpretation in judicial rulings. Is there some type of DNA that we non-conservatives are unaware of? You conservatives really seem to have the upper hand when it comes to infinite knowledge. Maybe you can help us common people understand with your explanation.

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