Pennacchio Fund Raising Efforts Gaining Steam

Nearly every conversation I have regarding the Chuck Pennacchio’s candidacy for U.S. Senate invariably ends up at the following question. Do you think he is a viable candidate? What this usually means is do you think he can raise enough money to make people take notice? My answer is always yes. Chuck has effectively sworn off taking major donations from the same corporations that are supporting both Bob Casey and Rick Santorum in favor of a pure grass-roots fundraising effort. Amazingly he has already netted over $75,000 in small donations from individuals like you and me and this number is growing daily.

This is finally getting some notice from the press, who have been reluctant to cover his candidacy with any seriousness until recently. In an article in today’s Post Gazette, Bill Toland covers the three “long shot” candidates and has the following to say about Pennacchio:

Of the three, Pennacchio is the only one with any money — about $75,000 so far, he said.

Pennacchio has been holding fund-raisers at dinner parties, both in Philadelphia and in Pittsburgh, and he plans to raise more via the Howard Dean method — small donations from serial contributors, collected over the Web.

While the tone of the rest of the article is less than complimentary in my opinion, it is still good news that Chuck is getting noticed. With that being said, $100,000 would be a very nice target to hit so if you have the means please consider donating whatever you can via the link below. Every little bit counts.

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