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Your humble guest blogger, Doug Drenkow, is bringing the following to you, verbatim from the United for Peace & Justice website, simply as a public service — coverage of a newsworthy and blogworthy event.

Personally, I fear that if we were to pull out of Iraq tomorrow, then we would be leaving behind a breeding and training ground for Al Qaeda, a new Afghanistan if you will (or even if you won’t) — for deadly example, at least some of the London subway bombers trained in the Sunni Triangle.

And that threat did not exist before Bush invaded Iraq (except in the minds of those brainwashed by Rove et al. into believing that Saddam Hussein had something to do with September 11th).

We’ve got a tiger by the tail. Lord, help us.

Regardless, blessed are the peacemakers…

Saturday, September 24

Massive March, Rally & Festival

Washington Monument Grounds
Rally at Ellipse
March steps off
“Operation Ceasefire” Concert
Featuring Cindy Sheehan
> Leave no military bases behind
> End the looting of Iraq
> Stop the torture
> Stop bankrupting our communities
> No military recruitment in our schools
More than two years after the illegal and immoral U.S. invasion of Iraq, the nightmare continues. More than 1600 U.S. soldiers have died, at least another 15,000 have been wounded; even the most conservative estimates of Iraqi deaths number in the tens of thousands. Iraq, a once sovereign nation, now lies in ruins under the military and corporate occupation of the United States; U.S. promises to rebuild have not been kept and Iraqis still lack food, water, electricity, and other basic needs.
A majority of Americans believe that this war never should have happened, but our elected representatives in Washington continue to rubber-stamp the Bush Administration’s disastrous Iraq policies. They have given military recruiters nearly unrestricted access to our schools — and the Pentagon nearly unrestricted access to our tax dollars. At a time when our vital social programs are eroding or completely decimated, an overwhelming majority in Congress recently approved Bush’s request for an additional $82 billion in war funding, and there’s already talk of another $50 billion appropriation this fall.
It’s time to hold all pro-war politicians accountable for the deaths, the destruction, the lies, and the toll on our communities! Join United for Peace and Justice in Washington, D.C. for three massive days of action against the war: a major march, rally, and festival on Saturday, September 24; an interfaith religious service and day of grassroots trainings on Sunday, September 25; and a large-scale grassroots lobbying day and mass nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience on Monday, September 26.
From every corner of this country, people will travel to Washington to bring our demands directly to the policymakers responsible for this unjust war. These three days of actions will send a clear message to the White House and Congress: The Iraq war must end. It’s time to bring all the troops home, leaving no U.S. military bases behind, and to stop the corporate theft of Iraq’s resources. Instead of draining our national treasury for endless war, we demand that our tax dollars be used to repair the damage done to Iraq and to fund services in our communities. We call for an immediate end to our government’s assault on immigrants, the unethical pressures on our young people to join the military, and the undermining of democracy through relentless attacks on everyone’s basic rights.
Our mobilization will coincide with the meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, whose economic policies place corporate profits ahead of basic human needs worldwide. We will speak out against the corporate theft of Iraq’s resources and the decimation of the Iraqi economy through privatization and “free trade.”
Join our weekend of action to stop this war, and help prevent any new wars!

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