The (Not So) Moral Majority

As the party of moral values begins to unravel at the seems one must wonder when the Amerian public will awaken to the collossal snow job that has been perpetrated upon them. Like the unassuming old lady who unwittingly turns over her life savings to a sweet sounding man on the other end of her telephone, will the American public still be in denial about the crimes of this current administration when they awaken to find their bank accounts and their country completely bankrupt?

The dominos began to fall last week when the White House’s senior procurement officer David Safavian was frog-marched out of his office at the OMB by FBI officials for lying about his dealings with Jack Abramoff. Then yesterday the news all Republicans were in denial about hit like bolt of lightening as Tom DeLay was forced to step down from his post as House Majority Leader under an indictment for conspiring to launder illegal corporate campaign contributions. And if this was not enough, the case of one time GOP fundraising heavy hitter Jack Abramoff is sounding more and more like a sequel to The Godfather chock full of murder, payoffs and casino deals.

With all of this as well as the overwhelming evidence of cronyism and an ongoing investigation into the outing of an undercover CIA operative by White House insiders one must seriously ask the question; what will it take for the American public to finally wake up to the fact that this country is being run by a bunch of criminals? As FoxNEW would say, “some say” that this administration is beginning to look like a criminal enterprise.

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