Bad Actors

As we all await the 2 PM EST press conference by special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald I thought I would take this time to comment on something I noticed yesterday. As everyone now knows, the Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers was derailed by none other than the President’s most staunch supporters. This came as no surprise to anyone that was paying attention since it was fairly clear that no matter what reasoning Bush put forward for her nomination Republicans were not buying it.

So as soon as the announcement was made that Miers had withdrawn herself from the process the media parade began. Now don’t mistake what I am about to say for naivete but after watching surrogates from both the left and the right come out with their little soliloquies I was struck by one glaring fact. The entire process is nothing more than a really bad low budget play. I mean come on, watching Sen. Ted Kennedy (D), MA stand there nearly in tears expressing his “disappointment” that Miers had not been given the opportunity of a senate hearing was so disingenous as to make me nearly puke. I had to choke back that same puke as I watched Sen. Sam Brownback (R), KS try to paint Miers as a patriot for protecting Executive Priviledge. Come on people, can’t anyway just speak the truth without relying on the freakin’ talking points? No wonder people despise politics in this country.

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