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I have a bit of an announcement to make. Basically, I really love politics; reading about politics, writing about politics, analyzing politics. So much so that in November of last year, I chose to start my own blog, Left of Center.

The blog sucked.

As much as I like the writing, I also kind of like the idea that people actually might read what I write, and for that you have to do all this networking and stuff which really does detract from the reading and writing. So it was either write a bunch of good stuff, and have no one read it, or write a bunch of crap, and have lots of people read it and never come back again.

I don’t like either choice, so I’ve opted for a third option. As of this moment, I’m ending Left of Center permanently. What that means is that I’ll also be writing here full time. Yes, I’m usurping Goose’s larger audience and managerial work to my advantage, and I’m okay with that.

Seriously, you have all been great to me during my guest stints over here, and I’m really looking forward to writing here on a permanent basis. I’ll be a little light on the content in the beginning as I try to finish up a project I’ve been working on for months now, but when I get that done, I’ll post that project up here and go to some regular blogging after that.

Thanks to Goose for letting me make Comments my new home, and thanks to all you guys out there for being an awesome readership.


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