CFLF Hits 50,000 Readers

I am not one for milestones but this one could not be ignored. After establishing this blog in August 2003 it sat unused for nearly 8 months until I finally decided to spare my friends and family the pain of multiple daily political tirade emails. On April 5, 2004 CFLF became a political blog and permanently replaced those emails with this little post. Now, one year and six months later we have hit our 50,000th visitor!

At the time I never would have imagined this to turn into what it has become. In any event, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has contributed here; Mr. M, Artie See, Doug Drenkow, llindat, ZenComix and Banobo as well as all of you that read and comment on a regular basis, without all of you this place would frankly be a bore. I would also like to say that if the Comcast visitor from Ellicott City, MD ever returns please drop me a note and I will send you out a free bumper sticker. Thanks again everyone and here’s to 50,000 more!

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