Counting Crows

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“Condoleeza was passin’ by
her miniskirt was reeeaallly high
the wind was blowin’
ya know she just kept goin’
Lord, ‘n I wunda if she was knowin’
oh, she was showin’ while the wind was blowin’
she bent down, fixed the lace on her boots
that’s all I saw, Dick, and that’s the truth!
Run on home
tell your Ma and your Pa
Didn’t see nuthin’ but
Condi in the raw


Went to Crawford in the victory car
See Harriet dance across the floor
shots broke out on the grassy knoll,Jack,
now Abramoff wants Delay’s Money and PAC


Ol’ Brownie, ex-FEMA dynamo
down on St Claude and Explanade,
climbed up on top of a Coast Guard boat
but the swamp killed the whole charade…
Split Lake Ponchartrain
in the middle of the rain
eatin’ up all Chertoff’s sugarcane
The Halliburton Squeeze
was just startin’to tease
Dick payed a visit, said pretty please

Chicky mama…
Chicky-mo, chicky-mo, chicky-mo, chicky-mo…
Talkin’ bout Crony Crows….

Apologies to Dr. John…


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