It Sucks Being Right All The Time

If you’ve been keeping up with me for the past few days, than the announcement of Scalito’s nomination should come as no real grabber to you. As a small fish wannabe political analyst, I must admit a little glee at being pretty much dead on for both the nature of the nominee, and the timing of the announcement. But much of that glee is rained upon by the fact that I’m also a leftist, and Judge Alito’s nomination brings no good omens our way. None. You think we got good tidings? Think again. No good tidings for you.

BushCo just went and showed us why they are the Harlem Globetrotters of politics, and everyone else is that other really crappy team. I don’t know. Never been to an actual Globetrotters game… but I saw them when they did the guest starring bit on Scooby Doo. Oh, right, politics. See, what they did was they took everything I thought of, and went one step further. They nominated an actual threat to the bench.

What I mean to say is that Bush nominated a seriously hardcore wingnut conservative who actually does have a serious shot at confirmation. By doing this, the Democrats are now forced to engage in some way shape or form, truly taking at least a little wind out of the sails of Libbygate… Rovegate… Plamegate… whatever.

It’s brilliant, and it sucks. It sucks a lot for us because if there was anything that could help save this embattled president it was a good solid knuckle down drag out fight, and he got one. It sucks because the conservative base is charged (it didn’t take long did it?), and I guarantee you that every single little push to stop the confirmation of Alito is only going to fire those people up more. It sucks because, barring some catastrophically insane scandal, Alito has his 52 Republican senators. It sucks because the Dem’s aren’t going to fight this battle the way it ought to be fought.

And that’s where I must confess my fallibility… I don’t know how to fight it either. But I’m still gonna lay it on the line. My luck’s been good to me over the past few days, so while I’m not making any predictions, I’m going to lay down how I think this battle might be fought, and won.

1) Mobilize for a fillibuster. Don’t hem and haw over the candidate, don’t play the wait and see. His record is out there in the open. He’s blatantly conservative. This is the kind of guy you want to fillibuster, so don’t wear out the hems of your skirts, people, and just pull it together and drop this ship dead in the water.

2) Prepare for the Nuclear Option. The moment you play for the fillibuster, you will of course hear talk of the Nuclear option. Do not et the other side be the leader in this war of rhetoric. Accept that fight early, and take it head on. Make the case to the people for minority’s protection from the majority, etc.

3) Publicize your own shortlist. I’ve been trying to harp on this for sometime now, and it’s key. Part of being opposition and not obstruction is providing your own solutions and what we need to see from the Dem’s right now is a short list of very middle friendly names.

4) Expose this gambit for exactly what this is. It’s a wag the dog. To minimize the effect of Scooter Libby’s indictment, Bush has guaranteed the Hill a war. Make sure that is understood on as many kitchen tables as you can.

5) Expose the nomination for what it is. This is a blatant pander to the extreme socially conservative right in an attempt to win back the base, not an attempt to pick a unifying judge that will protect the minority with the sensibilities of representing the majority.

6) Keep this fight as short as humanly possible. I can only forsee the base getting more and more charged as time goes on. That being said, this is not the kind of bout that the left can win on endurance.

Thusly, what we need is quick, unified, and decisive action. That’s the only way to get her done.

Whatever the case, X said it best when he said, “We have ourselves a ball game.” Yes X, we do indeed have a ballgame.

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