It’s All Spin From Here In

Well, with both of the other…er… shoes dropped (that makes sense, trust me), it’ll be a matter of time before any of us can truly appreciate the political impact of both Miers’ horribly failed nomination, and the indictment of Cheney’s chief of staff, Scooter Libby. But I’ll give you this one you can bank on, it’s all about the spin from here on in.

First, don’t be fooled by anyone on the right, the White House is most assuredly damaged by both. Despite the offhandish way in which some righty bloggers and columnists may appear to be treating the indictments, daily reports of really nervous House staffers weren’t getting shoved into the papers for nothing. Top that with the 80% public perception that something really does stink in the Plame Affair, and it doesn’t take a political genius to know that the Bush Administration is getting absolutely nailed.

So why, I ask myself, do I go on righty blogs and not see said righties all a dither? It’s all about the spin of course. Now I would never be so harsh as to make you go read them yourself, so I, being the kind hearted soul that I am, actually went out and…gulp…read some right wing blogs for you so you can see what I’m talking about. I know, I know. Mother Teresa’s kindness pales before my own.

Already buried way down on the main page, Michelle Malkin’s coverage is almost sterile. The only three notable things are:

-Buried quickly.

-Highlights that Libby DIDN’T out Plame.

-Does show respect for the laws he is accused of breaking.

Moving on we hit the excessively camera hungry Atlas who provides us with a slightly more vibrant example of at least part of the spin. Just read this last little bit:

Prosecutor Fitzgerald is a straight guy. Smart, honest. A good man.
But remember no crime was committed. There was no outing, Plame was not covert. This is the strangest part.
A good man, a great public servant, destroyed.
End of story.

Of course doing the exact same thing.

Finally, just for a little bit of a chuckle, I didn’t know that there were still right wing bloggers mature enough to, when all else fails, put it on Clinton.

So step by step, here’s how we begin to see the damage control work.

Because Fitzy is, by all accounts, a total professional that even earned praise from the President a few weeks ago, he’s remained untouched, but…

Joe Wilson has already become to some degree the aim of criticism.

Expect a huge attack on the indictments, as far as minimalizing. You’re either going to hear Michelle Malkin’s version where the country gets praised for upholding it’s laws but really this is small potatoes, or you’re going to hear the Atlas Shrugged version which is that this is all crap. Because, after all, lying in courts not that big a deal really.

Now the White House is cut a HUGE break because this news breaks on a friday afternoon, allowing the political strategists involved the weekend to collect themselves during the lag in the normal news cycle. The administration has relied heavily upon the short memories of it’s voters (third debate: “I don’t believe I ever said that” re: OBL. How many times has the justification for the Iraq War changed and Kerry was the flip flopper?), and you can expect them to take advantage again on Monday.

While constituents continue with to spin damage control by playing down the significance of the indictments and playing up the idea that Plame was not “outed”, BushCo is going to come back to work on Monday ready to focus on anything other than Libby’s indictments. And yeah, you guessed it, that means nominations.

As Sen. Frist alluded to on Thursday, Bush would have the next name for the hat in the “very near future.” To make such an announcement yesterday would have been very folly for two reasons. On one hand it would give the appearance that you expected Miers’ nomination to fail, something that the tough talking hard liner cowboy would never expect (wink), and on the other hand, it would just appear too wag the doggish.

Kind of like if we had a major terrorist alert pop up right now. Pushing the coincidence envelope just a little too far.

But Monday morning is good, and I would not be surprised if the announcement is made any time between Monday morning, and Tuesday afternoon.

Yes kids, Fitzmas is all about the spin, and if I were to give my own opinion on the matter, the right’s winning the spin game twenty four hours out from the announcement of the indictments.

But that doesn’t mean that things have to remain that way. There is a simple list that the left wing punditry can follow in counteracting the right wing spin machine.

-Introduce Scooter Libby to the public. Seriously, Joe and Jane sixpack don’t know who this guy is, as evidenced by the little subheading posted at the bottom of the screen during ABC’s “Today” today (“Who is Scooter Libby”). In order for this thing to have a maximum impact, people need to know who this cat is, and where he fits in in the greater scheme of things.

-Convict him in the court of public opinion. Hey, they did it to Clinton. Never said I was nice, or even played as such. As I’ve told Xranger, and I’m sure he agrees, it doesn’t matter if you are guilty. All that really counts is how many people think you are.

-Do not let proponents of the administration minimize the charge. Technicality? All he did was tell a little white lie? Put it in perspective, Libby could get put away for 30 years. That’s no slap on the wrist.

-Draw the connections. Libby, indicted. Delay, indicted. Rove, under investigation. Frist, under investigation. Need I say more.

And finally, every lefty piece about this needs to end in “…that resulted in the US getting lied into war.” (see that was me ending the piece with “…that resulted in the US getting lied into war.”)

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