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As Condi puts it, the Iraqi consitution has probably passed. Yippee. Grand. Super-terrific! I think I just squished my shorts. It’s so awesome.

So that we don’t have to go through this for every single milestone that occurs, I want to be clear for everyone on the right; cheerleaders, apologists, and defenders of the indefensible. We on the left will not be happy until our military presence has been pulled from Iraq, and are safely back at home defending the homeland where they belong. Some of us on the left would also like to see a stable Iraq somewhere along the way. Honestly, we want results, and we don’t want to be asked to act as though every little accomplishment is the end of the Iraq war.

Because if anything our brief history with this war has taught us, this is not the end, but propogandists from the right will have you believe that George Bush has created a fully functioning society using nothing more than a chemistry kit and a bible.

When the president stood on an aircraft carrier in front of a banner that said “Mission Accomplished,” the mission was not accomplished.

When the right gave all of us a leaping load of heartache because we failed to get on our knees and bow to the superiority of the administration following the Iraqi election, we didn’t because we figured more fighting was inevitable, and to think that elections would magically stop the fighting or even decrease it was ludicrous.

And now just because they voted to accept a constitution, you will most assuredly hear the propoganda mill crank back up to praise the accomplishments of the administration, and to criticize those who won’t. Fighting will soon stop because people want to live in a democracy, and the people of Iraq will stand up to defend now their government, and their shiny new constitution. The terrorists have suffered a huge blow.

And if you don’t see things that way, you’re a pessimist, unAmerican, hate freedom, blame our troops, or just don’t like the president.

Well, at least they aren’t original.

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