So Goose is gone to parts unknown and has left me in charge… YES! THE WORLD IS MINE!!!! MWUHAHAHA….eh, yeah. Honestly though, I’d like a stab at his frequent flyer miles, I sure could use a little vacation to parts unknown. But seriously Goose, of course we all wish you a safe and fun trip, and we’ll try and keep the house standing while you’re away.

Of course, everything that you read here, you can also probably read over at Left of Center, but while Goose is gone, I’ll post here first, and crosspost over there.

Last night on West Wing, it was intriguing to watch Alan Alda portray a Republican Senator tap dancing around the the issues on his bid for the oval office. In particular, I was riveted by the closed door meeting between he and a fresh cut rep of the Religious Right. Later on, Alda’s campaign manager comes accross a Drudge Report with a huge headline declaring that Alda had promised the socially conservative organization pro life judges.

The segment was a fascinating look into just how high stakes a game judicial nomination is in today’s politics. It was also fascinating because in some respects it is highly relevent to certian things that are going on right now.

If you’ll recall, I’ve made the declaration that despite the fact that she has about as much experience as a federally appointed judge as me (none), Harriet Miers would most likely be confirmed barring some sort of scandal. I still stand by this initial statement, but events that are slowly sidling to light have made a recalculation necessary.

Last week I got an e-mail from Tas at Loaded Mouth. In it he had outlined the details of a possible scandal in Miers’ past. Seems as though there was some shady dealing with rival lottery companies, and a little political posing, and… well, it’s all very confusing, and Tas does a much better job of illustrating the whole thing, so just go over there and read his account.

What bothered me about this is that 1)the scandal is too complex for typical American consumption. You send a few guys in to break into a place to check a ballot box, people understand that. Get a blow job in the Oval Office, people understand that. An obscure lottery conspiracy that doesn’t involve stealing the jackpot might be a little tough to get. 2) The other thing is that this of course depends upon Lawrence Littwin to testify.

Similarly, just this morning we’re getting reports that somewhat mimic last night’s episode of West Wing wherein it would seem that the famed Dr. Dobson may have gotten a little promise as to the nature of Miers as a judge. Again, we are forced to depend upon testimony, though I kind of imagine Doc Dobby pulling a Jack Nickelson in Men of Honor:

Sen. Specter: Did you get a promise from the president that Miers would be pro-life?

Doc. Dob: What do you want an admonition?




DD: OF COURSE I GOT A PROMISE THAT MIERS WAS PRO-LIFE. You sit there in your fancy suit and play softball, and look like Tom Cruise, while I’m on the front line…

Okay, maybe not quite like that. But still, it is looking more and more like Miers nomination is in trouble. Her lack of experiece alone may not have been enough alone to prevent her donning the gown. But whether it’s a politically motivated lottery conspiracy, or a promise to an outspoken religious leader, or even just good old fashioned cronyism at its worse, Miers’ lack of experience could only act as a kind of glue to hold them together, and make them stick.

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