Sexism? I don’t think so!

First Lady Laura Bush cites criticism of Harriet Miers, the Supreme Court nominee, as sexist. Why? According to Lady Bush, the apparent concern over whether Miers lacks intellectual heft reeks of sexism. Funny thought, considering our first lady is married to (possibly) the dumbest president that ever lived. Is criticism of President Bush’s idiocy sexist? Of course not – it’s observation! Might Laura be playing the “gender” card here?

The fact: no one is genuinely worried about Harriet’s cleverness. Realistically, Ms. Miers’ intelligentsia is in all probability far greater than President Bush’s. After all, she did achieve acceptance into law school – while some (George W, George W) could not. The only reason these people question Harriet Miers is quite simple and fairly obvious. They have a litmus test. Yes, that’s the shameless truth. Ms. Miers is not on record with regard to abortion or gay rights and frankly, this drives conservatives nutty.

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