The Undercard Just Went Main Event

There have been two huge political stories in the politicosphere for the past few weeks that have just been kind of hovering in a holding pattern. The Fitzgerald investigations to the Plame case has had no real new news come from it, but the tension has been building, and if you check the Note, when the other shoe does drop, there could be some pretty big bombs dropped (as in Karl Rove being a little fish. Yeah, that big). The other story, one I’ve been following a lot closer, is of course the nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.

It’d be wrong to say that the other shoe has dropped in this case, or even a bomb. But a decently sized artillery shell has been launched that could change the entire face of this battle. I speak, of course, about the little questionaire that our lady Miers filled out back in 1989 that pretty much makes her out to be a pro-life activist.

Oh dear. I know Bush wanted to reassure the conservative base, but this is a little out of control. And what was going to be a pretty ho hum political confirmation will now most certainly become a very heated battle.

Because now the equation is changed. Not only are we looking at trading in the lack of support from one base for the other (I’m sure conservatives are happy to hear that Miers is unambiguously anti-choice) but the idea of her being filibuster proof has just gone down the crapper. One, she now has a history of falling definitively on one side of a very big hot button issue, which is sure to stir some ire. Two, it has now come into question whether or not she will become an activist judge for the right.

The worst case for Miers, however, would be that this 89 questionaire does not ingratiate her with the ultra right, but it still incurs the ire of the social left, both Democrats and Republicans.

Whatever the case, Ms. Miers, it’s pretty apparent that your stock is falling fast.

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