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I want to make a thing or two known right off the bat, so that if the doodie does hit the fan, I don’t want any of you barkin’ at me that I was clueless:

-Bush will not pull Miers’ nomination.

-Miers may recuse herself out of loyalty for the administration, or at least for George.

-Miers is looking at a rough ride in committee, contrary to earlier expectations that she may just glide through.

-Her face freaks me the hell out. I mean, there is little old lady face, and then there is wicked, evil, scarecrow face. She has the latter.

Okay, there you go, just so that no one can toss at me the old “M, you said she was going to be confirmed and she wasn’t” jibe.

In all actuality, I’ve probably followed up on, and written more about the Miers nomination than any other political story in a while, muchly because I think it’s simply fascinating. Roberts was a solid pick, hands down. Seemed like a decent guy with a conservative background to keep the base happy, a short record which was perusable, but didn’t have any black marks for either side, and his ability to clam up at just the right time during the confirmation process all just put together the total package.

Miers, on the other hand, has, in retrospect, turned out to be an absolutely horrible pick. Case in point, when I first started tracking ABC’s The Note’s words on Miers, it was more like “she’ll probably make it through but there is a slight chance she’ll withdraw,” and has now progressed to, “she may withdraw”.

She has absolutely nothing to offer neither the left, nor the center (at least Roberts had that pro-gay pro-bono business), and her ability to at least appease the voracious right has been abysmal. I mean, if I got a nickel for everytime I heard someone say George Bush slapped conservatives in the face over this nomination, well, I probably wouldn’t be writing a blog would I? Oh, I was going somewhere funny with that and fell on my face, so let’s just keep going.

So while with Roberts, Bush had to spend much of his time trying to convince all the Lefties that Roberts wasn’t that far right, he’s spending most of his time trying to convince the Righties that Miers is(check out that picture. I mean seriously. Air brush and botox couldn’t fix that). This is of course disastrous.

Why? You ask. Oh we’re getting there.

Remember back when I said that a judge now a days doesn’t have to qualify so much as just not fail to qualify? Well, that’s exactly what we put to the test with W making this huge bid to the Religious Right. As a nobody-knows-who-I-am kind of candidate, sure Miers may piss off a lot of the conservative base, but she at least had a chance. If you let loose the fact that she is a wingnut…I would be very shocked to see the Dems not put up at least a fight.

It’s not over yet, and of course the most important aspect of all this will be the confirmation hearings themselves, but Miers troubles through the Senate may just be analogous of her “bestest governor ever’s” fading political aura of invulnerability. After all, with everything else that has happened this year, I think a failure to push one of your judges through to the bench could just be disastrous. Particularly when it’s this high profile.

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