You Can Play Along At Home

Yesterday afternoon, I was at home doing some work around the house when Goose calls me up. “Dude,” he says, or maybe not, I think I’m the one that really kills that word, “you think you can drive up to Pennsylvania by tomorrow?”

The answer to that question was a resounding “no”. I would have to take at least two days off from work, plus you got the 8+ hour drive in my economically fuel efficient dual-ly, so me making an impromptu trip up to visit Goose was a non-issue. But it’s not as though I didn’t want to.

The cause for the invite was that Goose himself got two invites to a dinner with DNC Chairman Dean. So yeah, I would love to go, but since I couldn’t I resurrected a theme I had started last week when he first told me the dinner would be taking place (this was before the invite).

Basically, at these dinners, I’m guessing that the guests of honor are usually pretty busy speechifying, glad-handing, and posing for pictures. So busy that you would have a hard time getting in some real good strategy talk. But, I’m pushy, and I would try. Last week I kind of joked with Goose that if he should find a way of going he should scribble what I thought was the most important strategic step the dems could make on a napkin and get it passed to the Good Doctor at all costs. Yesterday, when the dinner became more real, so too did my little napkin passing idea.

And then I was struck with the inspiration for one of those cheesy little blog memes that occasionally run rampant through the blogosphere. Imagine you get invited to some high dollar political party where the DNC chair is the guest of honor. What would you write on a napkin and make sure gets passed on to Dean at all costs?

You can play this at home. Get out a napkin, and just start writing the biggest strategic moves the Dems can make right now. But you have to realize that they are probably using those linen napkins at such a swanky affair, and I wouldn’t want to be responsible for you inking up your own linens, so if you want to take this literal, just use a paper towel. Or, in the interests of not looking like a moron scribbling on a paper towel in your house, limit your answer to two specific items.

The idea here is to look at the big picture, but then to use that wide panoramic vision to apply said perspective to single actionable items that could produce serious results.

Here’s my example:

1) Dump money into the Virginia Governor’s Race!- Bush took Virginia at only 55 points. Warner, potential ’08 candidate, is a very popular (60’s and 70’s AR) DEMOCRATIC governor in a red state. By ensuring that we put into place another popular Democratic governor, we not only bolster Warner’s shot at the oval office, but we make Virginia ripe for turning blue, thusly creating a foothold for Democrats in the South.

2) Prominent Democrats need to either come up with a clear and concise middle friendly criteria for confirming judge, or even better, Democrats could make public a very short list of potential nominees that would be middle friendly that Democrats would endorse. The premise behind this is that this should be a very public show of Democrats trying to take the title of “party of ideas.” From here on out, no Dem should every make any criticism without immediately following it up with their own solution. We should do this to ensure the Dems provide a viable alternative to “the devil you know”, and we should do this now with the biggest policy related flub the administration is currently flailing on- Miers.

Neither of these are new themes with me. But, as I would write them on a napkin to Dean, you can probably tell that they are incredibly important, at least, to me.

Now, Goose is going to make the dinner tonight, and he told me that if I get this post up sometime today, he would see what he could do to direct attention to the post tonight. With that being said, it’s very possible that an aide to an aide to an aide of someone sort of important may very well read this, and so I encourage you to come up with your own napkin strategies at home and post them in the comments. (X, you’re strategery will not be necessary)

If you are the said aide to an aide, thank you for reading this, and please feel free to click on the comments below if there are any.

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