A GREAT Read: How Liberals Win by Fighting Back!

In “Feel The Burn, Girlyman,” David Podvin writes:

In the aftermath of the California special election the headlines read, “SCHWARZENEGGER ROUTED”, a most welcome bulletin that for inspirational value ranks a close second to “COULTER DROWNS IN SEWAGE TREATMENT MISHAP”. Yet the most relevant factor is not that He Who Gropes has just been groped. It is the way in which he has been groped that serves as a template for liberal success.

And much, MUCH more!

All you Big “L” Liberals out there, you gotta read this (although be forewarned, there is some “colorful” language): the California labor unions — nurses, teachers, firefighters, police officers, and others — showed us how to win elections nationwide.

In short, COURAGE! Don’t wither in the face of conservative attacks; FIGHT BACK!

And above all, TELL THE TRUTH. The truth is the most powerful weapon of the Left.

What a GREAT read!

Doug Drenkow

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