And The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Crying like an itty bitty baby, San Diego area Republican Congressman, Randy Cunningham, has admitted to tax evasion and accepting bribes.

The Duke, apparently, has accepted at least 2.4 million dollars in bribes. The most awesomest quote of the story comes not from the disgraced congressman himself, but from U.S. Attorney Carol Lam; “[Cunningham] did the worst thing an elected official can do — he enriched himself through his position and violated the trust of those that put him there.”

In the greater scheme of things, there is now only one puzzle piece missing, and we hope for that piece to fall into place after the first of the year. Americans aren’t happy with the GOP based on policy, particularly with Iraq. This scandalized congressman only further locks in the “culture of corruption” that Nancy Pelosi has been trumpeting (a political move I must admit I’m a little wary of). Pa. Democrat Murtha has given congressional Democrats a measure of credibility on Iraq that no other could have. The only thing missing is a strong comprehensive agenda that is not offputting to the base, but also embraces the middle.

They get that, and 06 is a lock

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