Ex CIA Chief Repeats "VP of Torture" Comments

In an interview with ITV News yesterday ex CIA Chief Admiral Stansfield Turner had some choice words to say about Vice President Dick Cheney.

“I’m embarrassed the United States has a vice president for torture,” Turner said, according to ITV’s Web site. “He condones torture, what else is he?”

“We have crossed the line into dangerous territory,” PA quoted Turner as saying. “I think it is just reprehensible.”

While eating my lunch I caught Turner backing up these words and going even further in an interview with CNN International. The transcripts are not yet online but in effect he said that actions like those being pushed for by the VP make people embarrassed to be American. He went on to discuss the future ramifications of a policy where the U.S. condones torture, saying that being an ex-military man he does not want to see any US forces captured and tortured simply because it is something that the U.S. does.

Personally I can’t believe that this discussion has even lasted as long as it has. Executive priviledge aside, it is time for our Congress to step up to the plate and protect the interests of all Americans by soundly rebuffing the VP’s position here. Furthermore, I believe the question Jon Stewart asked of John McCain last week needs to be repeated, “Is Dick Cheney insane?

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