Hey there, Mr. M reminded me that I was being a bit rude earlier this afternoon when I dumped a wonkfest on you all. I had forgotten to introduce myself. I apologize for that right now and intend to correct this deficiency. Goose and Mr. M are two colleagues that I had the pleasure of working with on the Unpaid Punditry Corps, and over the course of that experiment, my respect for both Left of Center and Comments from Left Field grew.

I have been invited to write over here at Comments, and I will be doing a bit of that. My home is Fester’s Place. There I write about economics, foreign policy, politics, urban economic development, the New England Patriots and my cats and life as a newly and happily married home owner. I figure that the last three things will stay over at Fester’s Place, but anything else that I write about over there will be fair game here.

Finally, as a disclaimer, I am working for Tom Kovach for Congress as their netroots outreach coordinator. I will maintain an arms length relationship with any information that I receive from or give to the campaign and anything that I write here or at Fester’s Place. If I feel like I need to modify this disclaimer as time moves on, and I learn new lessons, I will do so.

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