Little Ricky’s First Ad

Watching the Michigan v. Ohio State game this afternoon and I just caught my very first campaign ad of the 2006 cycle. The ad was for Rick Santorum and it was paid for by the embattled PAC Americans for Job Security.

Americans for Job Security [501(c)(6)] is under investigation by a Texas grand jury for potential violations of a law prohibiting the use of corporate money to influence state elections…

from the Texas Observer

Meanwhile Nelson had co-founded the GOP media shop Dawson McCarthy Nelson Media (DMNM) in 2001. Among the clients claimed on DMNM’s website is Americans for Job Security (AJS), a shadowy Virginia-based group that the American Insurance Association helped launch in 1997 by supplying $1 million in seed money. AJS takes out attack ads against liberal and moderate candidates nationwide without disclosing its political contributions or expenditures. This track record of spending large quantities of undisclosed funds on attack ads has fostered the perception that AJS is a for-hire corporate attack dog. Last year Austin-based Campaigns for People filed a complaint with Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle, urging him to investigate if AJS violated Texas’ prohibition on corporate electioneering. At issue were 2003 attack ads that AJS unleashed to help defeat moderate Tommy Merritt in the Republican primary for a vacated senate seat in 2003 (“Meet the Attack Dogs,” March 12, 2004).

and from the Seattle Post Intelligencer

In 2000, Americans for Job Security, a 527 group with roots in the insurance industry, filled the airwaves with nasty and untruthful attacks on Cantwell. Other Democratic Senate candidates were similarly demonized.

With all the problems Santorum is facing in this election cycle I seriously question the logic of allowing this PAC to support him. But hey Ricky, keep up the good work and we will see you on the golf course come November.

Oh, by the way, GO BLUE!

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