October 2005 Recruiting— Good News

I can only do a short blurb but the ground combat components of the military did something rare. All branches, active and reserve, met or slightly exceeded their recruitment goals, with the active duty army coming in at a high with a surplus of 5%. The Army National Guard came in at 102% and the Army Reserve at 103%. Now I can not figure out why the Navy Reserve is falling behind, nor why the Air National Guard is looking horrendous.

It looks like the combination of dropping standards (shown in this post, increased cash incentives, more recruiters, and a mediocre at best job market is doing the trick. The downside to this month, and what is a Fester recruiting post without at least one downside, is that if we were to assume that the US Army only went to the Pentagon internal standard of 4% of recruits in the lowest capability category, the active duty force would be 3% short of the objective.

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