PA GOP Gubernatorial Challengers

I must admit that I have not been paying too much attention to the Republican side of next years PA gubernatorial race. This is not because I am a Democrat but mainly because it would seem Governor Rendell has little to no vulnerabilities. The biggest weight hanging around his neck at this point is the pay raise issue which I just don’t see sticking to him as much as to those incumbents in the Congress. That is not to say that he is invincible, as a matter of fact he had better be prepared for one hell of a race regardless of who receives the Republican nomination.

That brings me to this article in Wednesday’s PG regarding GOP prospect Sen. Jeff Piccola. Piccola is trying to differentiate himself as the only one of the potentials with any real record in public office.

“A lot of other candidates are going around talking about what they’re going to do,” he said as about two dozen guests bent over their eggs in a Rivers Club meeting room. “I’m in the fray doing it.”

While these comments can be applied to two of his three challengers, Lynn Swann and Jim Panyard, but will never work if applied to former Lt. Governor Bill Scranton. More importantly though it would seem these statements are geared toward affecting the opinions of Republican State Committee people who will decide in February which of the candidates to endorse.

Personally I think the person with the best chance to challenge Rendell is Scranton, not only has he already spent time in Harrisburg, he brings significant name recognition that the other candidates – other than Swann of course – do not have. In any event, this should shape up to be an interesting process to keep an eye on.


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