President Releases "Iraq Victory" Document

In a prelude to what is being billed as a “major speech” by the President this morning, the White House has released a document entitled Our National Strategy for Victory in Iraq: Helping the Iraqi People Defeat the Terrorists and Build an Inclusive Democratic State. Interestingly all the cable news folks have picked up the White House talking point claiming that this document has been the playbook by which the President has prosecuted the war since 2003. I have no way of verifying that but it would seem quite odd for him to release now instead of two years ago.

A quick scan of the language of this document shows that it reads more like an attempt to deflect criticism than a strategy document. Take for example this one liner, “No war has ever been won on a timetable.” Sound familiar? I find it hard to believe that this line, which has been repeated daily since the President’s poll numbers dipped below freezing, was part of a victory plan hatched in 2003. With that said, it is promising that the President has decided to address the growing concerns of the American public in some fashion.

According to this morning’s Washington Post, the President will kick off his defense of the war with speech this morning to yet another captive audience in Annapolis, MD.

Along with the report, Bush is making a personal appeal to shore up wavering support for the war in remarks Wednesday at the U.S. Naval Academy. It’s the first in a series of speeches Bush is delivering between now and the Dec. 15 election in Iraq to outline political, security and economic strategies for Iraq.

I will reserve judgement as to whether this marks a real change or whether it is yet another in the multitude of PR stunts that have characterized this Administration since the beginning after watching his speech which is set to begin at 9:50 AM EST.

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