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This morning President Bush delivered a speech to the US Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland regarding the US Policy in Iraq. As an experiment, Goose and I did a running commentary on chat, and here I provide it in its entirety for you. Click here for the transcripts of the speech courtesy of Please give us feedback in the comments.

[09:42] mr_m_lofc: Welcome to our psuedo live blogging of the president.
[09:44] mr_m_lofc: OOOH, immediately evoking 9-11. Some memes just won’t die will they?

[09:44] goose3five: It is impossible for him to give a speech without bringing up 9/11
[09:44] goose3five: I would think that if he were giving a speech about school lunches he would still bring it up.

09:45] mr_m_lofc: Which, let’s not forget the “missing class” quip. For those not in the know, Bush is delivering this speech at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland. I think it’s interesting to note that Bush is still playing bubble boy as it is a pretty well known fact that Officers are traditionally conservative.

[09:46] goose3five: I think it is worth noting that the last time we saw Bush giving a speech in front of a Navy audience it was two years ago in front of a banner reading “mission accomplished” – how ironic.

[09:47] mr_m_lofc: “In the years ahead, you will join them in the fight”? Doesn’t sound good for the timeline crowd does it?

[09:48] goose3five: In watching this speech M, the American public should be looking for the President to say something new.

[09:48] mr_m_lofc: Which he’s not.

[09:48] goose3five: not yet that’s for sure

[09:49] mr_m_lofc: Again he ties the war in Iraq to the GWOT.

[09:49] goose3five: Does he really expect us to believe that the insurgency is made up of former Saddam loyalists?

[09:50] mr_m_lofc: Here is something new, and that’s the coining of the term “Saddamists”

[09:50] goose3five: Ah, sorry he is now saying that the suicide bombings, beheadings and other attrocities are all being carried out by Al Qaida

[09:51] mr_m_lofc: Well, at this point he is dividing the insurgency into three groups. Militant Sunnis, Saddamists, and Al Qaida.

[09:51] goose3five: Ok I see where this is going, the claim is that Al Qaida wants to take over Iraq and use it as the core of their totalitarian Islamic state.

[09:52] mr_m_lofc: Which is still nothing new.
[09:52] mr_m_lofc: I find it incredibly interesting that he does not significantly address Iraqi nationalism.

[09:52] goose3five: 9/11 again

[09:53] mr_m_lofc: Ileology
[09:53] mr_m_lofc: Man this guy is a master debator
[09:54] mr_m_lofc: As Bush goes into the same old saw of “we fight them over there so we don’t fight them over here,” I’m forced to ask this question: How significant is it that Bush is giving a “major speech” in front of a traditionally conservative audience at 10:00 am when most people are at work?
[09:55] mr_m_lofc: Three elements of victory

[09:55] goose3five: I would call this one a dry run for some future prime time speech.

[09:55] mr_m_lofc: Make a politically free Iraq[09:55] mr_m_lofc: Keep the coallition on the offensive against the enemy.

[09:56] goose3five: Ok, I am convinced that there is really nothing new[09:56] mr_m_lofc: Economically, rebuild Iraq.

[09:56] mr_m_lofc: I so far agree.
[09:56] mr_m_lofc: Which is on par with a typical Bush “major spreech”

[09:56] goose3five: Ok, he just said the focus of this speech is to address the training of Iraqi security focres.
[09:57] goose3five: Happy talk.

[09:57] mr_m_lofc: And still he says nothing new.

[09:57] goose3five: no substance
[09:58] goose3five: now he is saying that at this time last year there were only a handfull of Iraqi battalions trained…time to check what they were saying last year.
[09:58] goose3five: If I recall correctly that is not at all what they were saying.

[09:58] mr_m_lofc: I digress at this point because I do think Iraqi Security Training is VITAL. It is vital not only in allowing us to come home, but also in the developing of Iraqi nationalism which I think is the key part to winning this thing.
[09:59] mr_m_lofc: No last year they were estimating over 100,000 troops I believe.

[09:59] goose3five: Note, the assertion is 120 trained Iraqi battallions

[10:00] mr_m_lofc: Now Bush is comparing the difference between Faluja, and Tel Afur

[10:02] goose3five: 90 square miles of Bagdad province have been turned over to Iraqi security forces.
[10:02] goose3five: A dozen bases have been turned over.
[10:02] goose3five: How many bases do we have in Iraq anyway?
[10:04] goose3five: I have to say that it is going to be very difficult, regardless of what milestones the Administration chooses to set, to define victory in Iraq.

[10:04] mr_m_lofc: Well, that’s the problem.
[10:04] mr_m_lofc: First victory was just invading (“mission accomplished”)
[10:05] mr_m_lofc: Then it was elections
[10:05] mr_m_lofc: Now it’s training up their military.

[10:05] goose3five: What happened to a Jeffersonian Democracy?

[10:05] mr_m_lofc: The biggest problem with the Bush Administration’s rhetoric is that it has been displaying its milestones as victories.
[10:06] mr_m_lofc: To answer that question, if you remember the inaugural address at the beginning of the year, Bush did say that, “their form of democracy may not look like ours.”

[10:06] goose3five: Hey look, I have no desire to play Monday morning quarterback here. The real problem is that they spent so much time blowing happy smoke up everyones ass that the public has unrealistic expectations.

[10:08] mr_m_lofc: An important thing to see here is the definitely misleading continuing assertion that the people that we’re fighting over there are terrorists. This actually goes against the statement Bush made earlier on in the speech that Al Qaeda makes up the smallest part of the insurgency.
[10:08] mr_m_lofc: Again, I say that the POTUS is ignoring the nationalistic element of the insurgency.

[10:09] goose3five: He has ignored the fact that, as recently as last week, the Iraqi leadership called for a withdrawl of our troops.

[10:09] mr_m_lofc: As Bush goes through and outlines the training of Iraqi troops, he builds up this high standard for future troops, and then goes back and says they don’t really have to meet them.
[10:09] mr_m_lofc: Did I really hear that right?

[10:09] goose3five: They recognize that this thing will never settle down enough until we are out of the way.
[10:10] goose3five: I think you did.

[10:10] mr_m_lofc: Iraq has a Navy?
[10:12] mr_m_lofc: In quoting an Iraqi officer, the second on the ground quote Bush uses brings up another aspect of the president that I don’t like, and that is the extremely anecdotal evidence that he uses to prop up his arguments.
[10:12] mr_m_lofc: The only serious numbers we are given are current Iraqi troop levels, but when he compares that to the past, he uses the term “handful.”
[10:13] mr_m_lofc: Giving one no real idea of true growth.

[10:14] goose3five: And the annecdote he used was that they “Iraqi’s are better equiped and trained than they once were.”

[10:14] mr_m_lofc: “We will stay as long as necessary to complete the mission”
[10:14] mr_m_lofc: Politically speaking, that is a coffin nail.
[10:14] mr_m_lofc: Americans don’t want to hear that.

[10:14] goose3five: He is certainly sticking to his guns – no timetables
[10:14] goose3five: Funny how he attacks politicians in washington

[10:14] mr_m_lofc: And this speech is a great indicator as to why Bush is currently experiencing record low approval numbers.

[10:15] goose3five: the entire war is being run by politicians in washington
[10:15] goose3five: Oh boy, invoking Lieberman…isn’t this the man they called Loserman five years ago.

[10:16] mr_m_lofc: But Bush says “[the war will end] by commanders, not by artificial timetables set up by Politicians.”
[10:16] mr_m_lofc: Yep.
[10:16] mr_m_lofc: Now, I’m personally against the publication of a timeline… But for an interesting take on a published timeline, go check out Newshog’s latest post.

[10:16] goose3five: I can tell you this, after five years of trashing the left it certainly doesn’t do any good to invoke them as a political stunt.

[10:16] mr_m_lofc: Zell Miller.
[10:17] mr_m_lofc: “America will not run in the face of terrorists and car bombers so long as I am your Commander in Chief.”

[10:17] goose3five: Does that mean we will see more purple fingers come the State of the Union?

[10:18] mr_m_lofc: No.

[10:18] goose3five: sorry, he mentioned the elections

[10:18] mr_m_lofc: We will not.
[10:18] mr_m_lofc: The ideology put forth by this speech is rapidly becoming more and more unpopular.

[10:19] goose3five: Here is my problem with this President, his supporters seem to like him because he is “genuine.” Unfortunately, I see nothing genuine in this guy.

[10:19] mr_m_lofc: And with the fracturing of the GOP along moderate/conservative lines, as well the further plaguing of scandal, you will not see the Republicans pull another purple finger stunt.

[10:19] goose3five: His speeches are so scripted I feel like I am listening to him reading an article.

[10:19] mr_m_lofc: That’s because he is.

[10:20] goose3five: I get no sense that he is speaking to me. Counter that with any speech by Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, or John Kennedy.

[10:20] mr_m_lofc: An interesting note on Bush’s style, he reads directly off the page, with the exception of the last line or two on each page.

[10:21] mr_m_lofc: With the exception of exposition parts, that last line is typically an applause getter, so he reads that in advance so he can deliver it well enough and eye to eye enough to garner applause.

[10:21] goose3five: You know what, the only way he will be able to win over the American public again is to do one on one interviews with friendly news organizations.

[10:21] mr_m_lofc: Not really.

[10:22] goose3five: He will have to show that, in conversation, he can explain himself.

[10:22] mr_m_lofc: I mean, that will help him a little.

[10:22] mr_m_lofc: But what he really needs is some results.

[10:22] goose3five: It is the only way he will seem genuine again.

[10:22] mr_m_lofc: People hired him because he was genuine.

[10:22] goose3five: Of course results would make it all moot.

[10:22] mr_m_lofc: They wanted genuine because they thought genuine would get results.[10:23] mr_m_lofc: After 5 years, people are feeling a little owed.

[10:23] goose3five: define genuine

[10:23] mr_m_lofc: The antithesis of our current Chief Executive.

[10:23] goose3five: thank you
[10:24] goose3five: I like the backdrop “PLAN FOR VICTORY”

[10:25] mr_m_lofc: Is that anything like the slide “To Be Determined” under the heading of “Exit Strategy.”

[10:26] goose3five: He looks like he is going to cry.

[10:26] mr_m_lofc: You can tell he’s starting to wrap up the speech because he just got finished with his “they’re evil” part of the speech, then he moved into the “freedom freedom freedom” speech, and now he’s on to the let’s pray for the fallen soldiers bit.

[10:26] goose3five: talking about the letter found on the laptop of Corporal Star who died in Iraq.
[10:26] goose3five: yep

[10:27] mr_m_lofc: And he is getting choked up
[10:27] mr_m_lofc: And the tears are gone.
[10:28] mr_m_lofc: You know what we should have done?

[10:28] goose3five: what

[10:28] mr_m_lofc: We should have done a freedom and terrorist tally.
[10:28] mr_m_lofc: That would have made this totally lackluster speech at least a little more entertaining
.[10:28] goose3five: lol

[10:28] mr_m_lofc: So, that was that, any final thoughts

[10:33] goose3five: Look, this speech was nothing new. The biggest thing it did was reitterate the words PLAN FOR VICTORY that were used in the allegedly declasifiied document released this morning.
[10:33] goose3five: I get the impression that they would rather run a pile of 15 second ads that say “Hey, we have a plan for victory – believe us.”

[10:34] mr_m_lofc: And that’s actually a very important statement.

[10:34] goose3five: sure

[10:34] mr_m_lofc: I don’t know if Bush has caught on, but the campaign time is over.

[10:35] goose3five: are you kidding, he has not stopped campaigning since 1999

[10:35] mr_m_lofc: But it seems as though he thinks that the only way to aid his failing numbers is to go back on the stump.

[10:35] goose3five: that is his greatest strength, happy talk

[10:35] goose3five: This IS the cheerleader president don’t forget.

[10:37] mr_m_lofc: Now this wasn’t exactly a stump speech, though it did have many elements of one. He did provide some substance, particularly with the training process of Iraqi troops. But, the substance wasn’t nearly enough. The president still relies much too heavily on anecdotal evidence, analogies, and anecdotes mixed with stats to tilt the stats in his favor.

[10:38] goose3five: The question is, understanding his speaking style, is he even capable of giving a substantive speech?

[10:38] mr_m_lofc: That’s to be determined.
[10:38] mr_m_lofc: I would call this speech on par with his post Katrina speech.
[10:38] mr_m_lofc: It wasn’t a terrible speech.
[10:39] mr_m_lofc: But it wasn’t a good one either.
[10:39] mr_m_lofc: His stance on Iraq is not the right one, not logistically, and not politically.[10:40] mr_m_lofc: And in the long run, this speech will not have any positive impact on his numbers
[10:41] mr_m_lofc: And that’s about all I got to say about that.

Time stamps have been left in in case you want to try and track where we were in the speech. And because I’m lazy.

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