Quantity over Quality

That is what the Army and National Guard is doing right now to hold their recruiting numbers to marginally acceptable levels. The Baltimore Sun is reporting that the number of enlistees who scored in the lowest category on the Army intelligence testing has increased by 650% from FY 04 recruiting to FY-05 recruiting. In the first month of the 2006 Fiscal Year, the Sun is also reporting that 12% of all recruits were in the lowest quality scale compared to the Pentagon objective of only 4% of recruits falling into this category.

Combine this report with previous reporting on the change of command level from the battalion level to the brigade level the ability of commanders to discharge recruits and soldiers who are pregnant, abusing alcahol, overweight or otherwise problematic and less than desired effective. We have been seeing a pattern where recruits and soldiers who just two years ago would either have never been recruited or more likely, nicely shown the door during initial training with a kind word that the Army isn’t for them, being pursued to fill slots in the MTOE.

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