Sketchbook Saturday

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I’m experimenting with some new pens. I can’t seem to find any Bic X-Fine 0.5 mm ballpoint pens, in stores or catalogues. My stash, picked up the Philippines a year and a half ago, is running out. The stores do have 0.5 mm needle point pens, but they aren’t ballpoint. The ink is much thinner, and it bleeds on some of the papers I use. They work OK on bristol board and the white paperboard packaging material from things like new shirts. The ballpoints can get a greater range of greys depending on how much pressure is applied. The needlepoints are much darker.I can still get the Bic round stic fine points, but they are a little thicker than the X-Fines, and a little more prone to blotting.The bottom sketch is on a napkin from the coffee shop, because I forgot my sketchbook.

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