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On Tuesday November 8th I spent the morning working a polling place on the South Side of Pittsburgh for a friend that has announced his intention to run for Gene Ricciardi’s seat. Ricciardi is expected to resign his seat in early January in order to become a Magisterial District Judge and so my job was to speak the voters as they left the polls and inform them of the upcoming special election and of my friends intention to run. I will talk more about this special election in the future but the reason I am bringing this up is because working the polls that day afforded me an unusual peek into the minds of Western PA voters.

Interestingly, of all the people leaving this polling place only one person refused to talk with me, which speaks volumes about the open and friendly nature of the people of Pittsburgh. Of the remaining people I would have to estimate that 90% of them one thing in common, they all told me that they voted to defeat anyone that was an incumbent. That’s right, nearly every person I spoke with looked at the candidates and chose to vote no to ANY PERSON that was an incumbent. Now I am sure there are several reasons for this but the single reason each person gave me was the pay raise vote. Apparently Harrisburg heard the same information I did because they subsequently voted to repeal the controversial pay raise but it is likely too little too late for PA voters.

I would venture to say that as a result of this vote, anyone facing a challenge this upcoming November is in for a serious fight. With that said, the Pittburgh Post Gazette published yesterday the following list of PA Congressional seats facing challenges next fall. If you do not know who your Representative is don’t fret, they have also published the following website where you can plug in your zip code and find out. Here is the list in it’s entirety, the (*) denotes an incumbent a name without an (*) is a declared challenger:


District 32:
*Richard Kasunic, Democrat

District 40:
*Jane Orie, Republican

District 42:
*Wayne Fontana, Democrat

District 45:
*J. Barry Stout, Democrat


District 10:
*Frank Lagrotta, Democrat

District 11:
* Brian Ellis, Republican

District 12:
*Daryl Metcalfe, Republican

District 14:
*Mike Veon, Democrat
Jay Paisley, Democrat

District 15:
*Vince Biancucci, Democrat

District 16:
*Sean Ramaley, Democrat

District 19:
*Jake Wheatley, Democrat

District 20:
*Don Walko, Democrat

District 21:
*Frank Pistella, Democrat

District 22:
*Michael Diven, Republican

District 23:
*Dan Frankel, Democrat

District 24:
*Joseph Preston Jr., Democrat

District 25:
*Joe Markosek, Democrat

District 27:
*Tom Petrone. Democrat

District 28:
*Mike Turzai, Republican

District 30:
*Jeff Habay, Republican

District 32:
*Tony DeLuca, Democrat

District 33:
*Frank Dermody, Democrat

District 34:
*Paul Costa, Democrat

District 35:
*Marc Gergely, Democrat

District 36:
*Harry Readshaw, Democrat

District 38:
*Ken Ruffing, Democrat

District 39:
*Dave Levdansky, Democrat

District 40:
*John Maher, Republican

District 42:
*Tom Stevenson, Republican
Mark Harris, Republican
William F. Sargent, Democrat

District 44:
*Mark Mustio, Republican

District 45:
*Nick Kotik, Democrat

District 46:
*Victor J. Lescovitz, Democrat
Jesse White, Democrat
Paul Walsh, Democrat

District 48:
*Timothy Solobay, Democrat

District 49:
*Peter Daley, Democrat

District 50:
*Bill DeWeese, Democrat

District 51:
*Larry Roberts, Democrat

District 52:
*James Shaner, Democrat

District 54:
*John Pallone, Democrat

District 55:
*Joseph Petrarca, Democrat

District 56:
*James Casorio Jr., Democrat

District 57:
*Tom Tangretti, Democrat

District 58:
*Ted Harhai, Democrat

District 59:
*Jess Stairs, Democrat

District 60:
*Jeff Pyle, Republican

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