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Okay, I’m not a great news aggragator. You want someone good at doing a stories of the day kind of post, go check out Cernig, and no, I’m not just plugging him because he plugged me. He’s been doing his instahoglets for quite some time, and he has a hell of a nose for the news.

Still, I got presents to wrap, so in lieu of an actual article, you guys get my version of a daily news post. Here’s what’s what for today:

-New Yorker Transit workers are on strike are now in danger of getting tossed in the slammer.

-In an escalation of the “I know you are but what am I” war that I know is just brimming under the surface, Saddam accuses us of mistreating him. This one could go the distance.

-Could one of the President’s rationale’s for phone taps be an Urban Myth? And no I’m not talking about Sept. 11th.

-As I posted below, the senate did vote to extend the Patriot Act for another six months. Alicia, do you have your Scottie Recorder on? Should get some great stuff today.

-Potential GOP opponent to Sen. Clinton, Jeanine Pirro, has finally opted out of the race after lots of strong arming from her own party, and even her own husband. Is it me, or is she a little hot? I mean, well, nevermind.

-And finally, injecting a little humor into your life, if you haven’t checked out MSNBC’s Chuck Shephard, here’s your chance. Not one silly story but a whole bunch. My personal favorite is the two old people who get hit by a train… by falling asleep in their car.

That’s all kids. Now I’m just going to procrastinate a little, and get these presents under the tree.

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