Senate May Actually Try Sanity: News At 11

Well, it seems that the Patriot Act is given six more months. Yes, boys and girls, the Senate has managed to withstand the Presidential Doom language long enough to make the decision that maybe a little more debate might be warranted before we just hop in the sack with the Patriot Act. Not my most preferred outcome, true, but hey, at least there will be some discussion (and by discussion, I mean there will be some waiting to see which vote will hurt more during the midterms).

Not bad actually considering that some of the language El Presidente has been putting forth on this has closely resembled the jacket description of a cheap spy thriller:

-“The terrorist threat is not going to expire at the end of this year”

-“The senators obstructing the Patriot Act need to understand that the expiration of this vital law will endanger America and will leave us in a weaker position in the fight against brutal killers”

-“In the war on terror, we cannot afford to be without this vital law for a single moment.”

Scary stuff. If these brutal killers get any scarier I think I may want an executive order that would install a toilet in the Oval Office because if the President takes five minutes to pee, the terrorists could sneak in and get us all. But then, I don’t know, anyone take a White House tour lately? Where’s the closest lavatory to the POTUS’ desk? Anything more than five minute walk and I want congress to act!

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