A local win

The Post-Gazette is reporting that Pittsburgh City Council President Luke Ravenstahl made a good decision by selecting March 14, 2006 as the date of the special election for the Council District that was held by the newly elected Judge Riccardi. The orginal Ravenstahl plan was to hold the election on March 7, 2006 which is in the middle of the University of Pittsburgh’s spring break. The Pitt campus is part of the district and it has been an area that has recently shown impressive mobilization and GOTV gains from previously below apathetic levels.

The Democratic Party if it is to be a successful party must be an open and inclusive party. Cheap tricks like deliberately de facto disenfranchising hundreds or thousands of young voters is not part of being an inclusive party that is expanding the sphere of public conversation and involvement. We need to do better, and Mr. Ravenstahl’s reconsideration deserves applause.

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