Am I Paranoid Enough?

A couple of weeks ago, I posted the three excuses that the Bush adminstration and its defenders would trot out. They were the following:

1) Paperwork takes too much time
2) Screw Yoo — The President as Commander in Chief can do whatever he wants (see the signing statement on the McCain anti-torture amendments.
3) Umm— this is useful political information.

I was told that I was being too paranoid. However it looks like I am not being paranoid enough. Via Brad DeLong, I see the following two articles from Atrios on the Andrea Mitchell transcript scrubbing about the investigation by NBC of who the NSA may have been tapping, and then from Americablog we get the following line of logic:

Why would Bush do this? Because, as I reported a few weeks ago, journalists have some of the best contacts out there and it’s not unusual for journalists to talk to both sides of the story, or in this case, the good guys and the “evil doers.” What a better, if not illegal, way to find the terrorists and their associates?

But before you say “yeah, go for it,” consider the implications of tapping Christiane Amanpour’s phones:

1. Such a wiretap would likely include her home, office, and cell phones, and email correspondence, at the very least.

2. That means anyone Christiane has conversed with in the past four years, at least by phone or email, could have had their conversation taped by the US government.

3. That also means that anyone who uses any of Christiane’s telephones or computers (work or home) could also have had their conversation bugged.

4. This includes Christiane’s husband, former Clinton administration senior official Jamie Rubin, who was spokesman for the State Department.

5. Jamie Rubin was also chief foreign policy adviser to General Wesley Clark’s presidential campaign, and then worked as a senior national security adviser to John Kerry’s presidential campaign.

6. Did Jamie Rubin ever use his home phone, his wife’s work phone, his wife’s cell phone, her home computer or her work computer to communicate with John Kerry or Wesley Clark? If so, those conversations would have been bugged if Bush was tapping Amanpour.

7. Did Jamie Rubin ever in the past four years communicate with any elected officials in Washington, DC – any Senators or members of the US House? Any senior members of the Democratic party?

8. Has Rubin spoken with Bill Clinton, his former boss, in the past 4 years?

Now you understand how potentially broad a violation of privacy the Bush doctrine on illegal domestic spying really is. Everyone who’s anyone is a degree or two of separation away from a terrorist.

So am I paranoid enough?

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