Christmas Overhang?

This morning I threw on a pair of jeans that were just a tad too tight for me the week after Christmas, and they fit fine now. I guess the lack of 24-7 feasting, an increase in weight-lifting and a better eye at what we are eating was sufficient for me to work off my Christmas overhang pretty quickly. I was thinking about the ARG poll that contains some dismal economic approval ratings for Bush, and I was thinking about the probable causes: interests rates are increasing, mediocre job growth at best, vehicle fuel prices that rebounded off their 6 month lows and are heading back to $2.50/gallon for the cheap stuff, and an increasing probability that the home equity extraction ATM is not working quite as well as it used to. All of these causes seem reasonable to me as a reason for low approval ratings, but I am also curious about something else.

Is there any predictable seasonality with January being a down month for most/all presidents against their relative trend performance on economic approval ratings because everyone is opening up their Christmas credit card bills and saying “Damn, I have to pay that off?”

Is any component of this very low number due to Christmas overhang and that as we go back to the gym, will it come off quickly?

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