Don’t Be Fooled

If you’re going to get offended on someone else’s behalf, you should probably check to see if they themselves are offended. I mention this in the context of another Democrat whose image makes me very apprehensive these days, and unlike Gore’s speech, this time I believe that my anxiety was a little closer to hitting the mark.

Hillary said “plantation” on Martin Luther King day. Help us all.

And of course the Republicans are up in arms. It’s inappropriate to play the race card, particularly on MLK day. Grumble, grumble, headline grabber, grumble, grumble. Feigning indignance on behalf of the peoples who have suffered at the hands of the slave owners evoked by Hillary’s comments, the GOP seems just dying to bear the cross for black people.

But wait. First, this isn’t the first time Hillary has likened the GOP ran Hill to a plantation. Via Chris Cilliza’s WaPo blog, we are treated to a November 2004 transcript where Hillary described congress like a plantation with Tom Delay as its leader. If you remember this was in response to the attempted rule change that would have allowed Tommy boy to keep his job if he were indicted.

Secondly, wouldn’t the righteous indignance be a little more believable if, say, black people were offended? I mean, if the black caucus was part of the uproar that would be one thing, but the speech was delivered in Harlem, to a predominantly black audience, and apparently, they liked it. Further, it is black leaders who are coming to Hillary’s defense amidst the chastizing of white Republican mouthpieces. Um, irony anyone?

And finally, wouldn’t the indignation have a little more punch if maybe, just maybe, there wasn’t a touch of truth behind it? I’m just saying.

Til next time.

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