Expect The Numbers To Rise

Oh dear. It seems that Osama bin Laden has put out yet another smash hit. In this installment of al Quaeda’s Funniest Home Threats, OBL takes a little time to explain why there hasn’t been any recent terrorist attacks on American soil; citing not the increase in security measures, but instead the lengthy planning process.

Also, Bin Laden takes the time to offer us a truce based on the idea that the Bush administration is a bunch of liars. Unfortunately, the quality of the tape has thus far made it difficult to confirm that it is in fact Bin Laden, though experts are saying that it is very similar.

So what can we expect to see in the next few days? Real tough talk from the administration, or blatant ignoring. Considering the problems surrounding the Hill right now, my money is on the tough talk. I’d think the Bush administration would love the opportunity to deflect attention from the ongoing Abramoff scandal while at the same time seeking to further validating the warrantless wire tapping. Also, one can expect to see another jump in Bush’s approval ratings. Weird thing but people like him more when they’re afraid. Marvel at the irony, one wonders why people don’t eventually start asking the question why hasn’t the cowboy killed the indian yet?

UPDATE: M is off minding the Navy’s nukes so in the interest of timeliness I would like to point out that the CIA has now confirmed that the voice on the aforementioned tape has been confirmed as that of Osama bin Laden.

FURTHER UPDATE: Read the full text of the latest bin Laden tape.


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