First Thoughts on 2006

I apologize for the lack of posting over the past week or so; vacation had been very good to me and I made a conscious effort to stay away from the computer as long as I could. Therefore I was lax in my typical pace. I’ll make up for that this week, and here we go with my first thoughts of 2006:

  • The basic trends look real good for the Democratic Party, and I share the same hope that Mr. M does that the Democratic leadership present a good version of the “vision thing” in the next two months or so.
  • I am really thankful to the 2 Political Junkies for their visible support of Tom Kovach’s campaign.
  • My friends party way more sedately now than they did in grad school, as the New Year’s Eve party did not involve kegs, hookers or coke despite what some unscrupulous scurvy rascals might have led one to believe. We were such nerds that we actually spent time on trying to ID the ADB. No luck there.
  • The Patriots are actually looking good, and Doug Flutie may be trying to become the first fifty year old player in NFL history if he can continue to be a good drop kicker.
  • The Steelers are looking good too, and the rematch against the Bengals should be interesting after the shellacking the Chiefs put upon them.
  • I really, really, really am indifferent to the polka inspired Stillers fight songs that will now wash over all radio stations for the next one to four weeks.
  • We booked our honeymoon!!!! And it will happen just as we start going stir crazy with the gray of Pittsburgh —YEAHHHHHHHH
  • Quote of the week — via Digby in an e-mail — “May all your troubles in the new year be as short as your New Year’s resolutions”

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