Others in the race

The following letter to the editor, which appeared in yesterday’s Pittsburgh Post Gazette, sums up the the feelings of many Pennsylvanian’s – myself included – regarding the upcoming U.S. Senate race.

In the Jan. 8 “Asides” on the editorial page, you asserted that state Treasurer Bob Casey will be Sen. Rick Santorum’s Democratic opponent in November’s election. You ignore that it is up to members of the Democratic Party to select a nominee in May’s primary election, in which several candidates other than Mr. Casey are running.

The PG should not cede our democratic rights, or responsible journalism, to the common wisdom of political insiders. The media should not be complicit in the efforts of established interests to sell other candidates short before their agendas are put before the voters. Treasurer Casey’s positions on many important issues have been articulated no more clearly than Sen. Santorum’s, or are the same.

A candidate like Chuck Pennacchio, a Bucks County college professor, should not have his efforts to present a real alternative to the incumbent ignored while Mr. Casey receives attention by virtue of his name alone.

Squirrel Hill

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