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Zencomix turns one year old tomorrow, and I’d like to thank a few folks for helping me along the way…

Fred at Duo Consulting, formerly Duo Design, helped get the ball rolling by pointing me in the general direction of the blogging community. I floundered around for awhile until I saw a piece in the NY Times editorial pages by Tom Burka of Opinions You Should Have. I checked out his funny blog, and started checking out sites on his blogroll.Along the way, That Colored Fella became an unindicted co-conspirator….Kevin at American Street linked to one of my cartoons and sent alot of traffic my way…Eric at The Comic Strip Fan collected some of my work for his online museum…The Big Brass Alliance, and Shakespeare’s Sister particularly for helping to combat forces of evil….Ron at Why Are We Back In Iraq? for his investigative work as well as participating in the Zencomix Online Auction for Katrina Victims…Weird Wally and I Flip Flop for spreading the word…Oliver Willis for pointing me to Image Shack… Tae, formerly at LaShawnBarberExposed…thanks to everybody that has me on their blogroll and everybody that’s linked to me in a post.

Special thanks to Goose, David, and Tas for the opportunity to cross post on their blogs, as well as the late Unpaid Punditry Corps…and special Thanks to Steve Lafler for the MeanCat comic book, and for Benb and Gerald!(That’s Benb on the back page of Bush’s “High Crimes” magazine)

The biggest thanks go to Pena Lynn!

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