Cheney Incident The Perfect Diversion

Last week Mr. M came out and said what a lot of people, myself included, would like to have said regarding the Cheney hunting accident. “The point is this: WAKE UP! FORGET THIS STUPID INANE BULLSHIT! FOCUS ON SOMETHING THAT REALLY MATTERS!” The bottom line is that this incident is absolutely meaningless. And while it has dominated the discourse for the last week it has effectively proven to be a gift from heaven for the administration.

Let me put it this way, when Meet the Press spends 40 of it’s 60 minutes navel gazing on this issue instead of on the illegal wiretapping scandal or any number of other REAL scandals this administration is buried in you can see what it really is, a diversion (No it was not planned that way but oh what a gift).

How do I know this is merely a diversion? When Tucker Carlson decides to perpetuate the meme that the Vice President may have been drunk when he shot his friend you know he is doing Karl Rove’s dirty work.

BLAKEMAN: Well, that’s not so. It’?s a situation where the Vice President admitted he had one beer at lunch, five hours prior to the incident. And as a matter of law, and as a matter of science, that one beer could not have had any impact on the Vice President one way or the other.

CARLSON: Well, I don’?t know we know it was five hours before the incident. I don’?t think in his interview today – unless you’?ve spoken to him separately – I don’?t think he was that specific. But we don’t – and of course because we don’t have a blood alcohol reading from the Vice President, we don’t know what exactly was in his blood – But we do know, that it is considered totally unacceptable, and I’?m sure you know this and I can tell you if you don’?t, to drink before shooting. People just don’?t do it and they don’?t do it because it’s a very dangerous sport and it gets more dangerous if you drink.

Does anyone believe for one minute that Carlson gives a crap about whether the Veep had one beer five hours before the incident? If you do I have a bridge to sell you in Pittsburgh. Please people, focus on the things that matter.

As today’s Washington Post points out, under Cheney’s smoke screen the administration has been effective in blocking an inquiry into it’s warrantless domestic spying scandal and none of you have noticed.

At two key moments in recent days, White House officials contacted congressional leaders just ahead of intelligence committee meetings that could have stirred demands for a deeper review of the administration’s warrantless-surveillance program, according to House and Senate sources.

In both cases, the administration was spared the outcome it most feared, and it won praise in some circles for showing more openness to congressional oversight.

As Mr. M said last week, FOCUS PEOPLE!

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