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Most of my colleagues and coworkers readily cede that I am the political guru at work. It’s not unusual for people to come down to my office during slow points in the day to pick my brain, or just to engage in some civil debate. The few liberals I know will from time to time come to me asking how various events will effect the political climate and whatnot, while the more conservative folks will challenge my ideas and usually leave at either a stalemate, or even more commonly, mulling things over in a way that they never have before.

I typically don’t mind this much. To be truthful, it gives the ego a bit of a boost, and that’s all right with me. But imagine my displeasure at how many times I’ve had people come up to me over the last few days with a sly grin asking, “what do you think about Cheney shooting someone?”

So once and for all, my only, and final take on the shooting incident. Bush is apparently breeching the constitution in his efforts to forward a domestic spying program. The white house is currently still involved in the unresolved Valerie Plame affair in which a CIA agent could have been intentionally outted in a fit of political retribution. Congressional GOP members, as well as White House personnel could possibly be involved in one of the biggest corruption scandals of our time as lobbyist Jack Abramoff has confessed to bribery.

Further, last week we saw three key people in government belting out arias as if they were in the Sidney Opera House. Michael “Brownie” Brown, form FEMA director, tired of being the White House’s scapegoat has agreed to release the communications between he and the White House during the Katrina incident. I. “Scooter” Libby has pointed the finger firmly at Dick Cheney in regards to Valerie Plame, saying his authorization to leak the name came directly from the Vice President himself. And of course Jackie Boy has insisted that he and the President have had relations. On top of all this, after hemming and hawing, Michael Chertoff, head of homeland security, has admitted that they dropped the ball in the Katrina catastrophy.

And we’re talking about a hunting accident?

Update: Due to an unfortunate incident with blogger half of the post was cut. What follows is what I hope to be a close replica of the original.

Look, I’m not against hunting. I don’t do it myself, I really don’t see the appeal, and I’m not a big fan of venison (except the jerky. Venison jerky is damn tasty). I’m up enough of the natural way of things and the food chain to understand that hunting isn’t necessarily evil. From a legal standpoint, I may exhibit a little confusion in regards to the second amendment (unless a few guys with a beer cooler and orange vests are part of an organized militia to protect us from the imminent threat of dear and game birds), but otherwise I understand that there are laws in place to facilitate the “sport”. I further realize that as guns are typically a single use tool; you pull the trigger and something that was once alive ceases to be, or is considerably incapacitated. This being the case, hunting, despite all the safety precautions in the world, is what normal people call dangerous. Accidents are bound to happen, and I can’t begrudge Cheney this.

But I have been proven right once again; something I have grown to hate given my cynical take on politics. You can be mixed up in a whirlwind of scandal that involves the way government does business, and be okay. But the moment you do something stupid, like shooting a hunting buddy in the face, or getting a knobber by an intern, you’re screwed.


We now return you to your regularly scheduled life.

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