It Is Now Official – GOP Nominates Swann

The Pennsylvania GOP officially endorsed former Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver Lynn Swann for governor yesterday to run against Ed Rendell.

Swann, 53, was unopposed for the endorsement, which came in a unanimous voice vote during a meeting of the 300-plus-member Republican State Committee at a downtown hotel.

Swann is seeking to become Pennsylvania’s first black governor. Though he has revealed little about his political philosophy, he has said the Democratic Party has “taken the African American vote for granted.”

He didn’t shed any new light on his platform Saturday, but he castigated Rendell as too willing to raise taxes to finance initiatives.

So what has Swann said about his positions? If one takes a look at his website it is easy to see that Swann has not said much about his positions. As a matter of fact, with very few exceptions he seems to be endorsing already existing Federal GOP backed programs such as No Child Left Behind, which if I am not mistaken is already in effect in PA. There is one little tidbit that does reveal quite a bit about what kind of a Republican we can expect Lynn Swan to be

Pennsylvania Values
Lynn Swann believes that the Commonwealth has an obligation to protect its citizens, and that includes the most innocent among us, the unborn.

As Governor, Lynn Swann would support extending protections to the unborn. If the Supreme Court overturns Roe. Vs. Wade, Lynn Swann would sign a bill the legislature sends him extending additional protections to the unborn.

Until that time, Lynn Swann will continue attempting to create a culture of life, both by using legislation as well as using the bully pulpit of the office. He will work to reduce the numbers of abortions by encouraging alternatives, including adoption and abstinence.

I guess we can forget about him trying to emulate Arlen Specter eh?

It is also worth noting that Jim Matthews, the brother of MSNBC’s Chris “Tweety” Matthews, was also endorsed yesterday to run as lieutenant governor.

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